Meditation 101

The idea of sitting still and not thinking might sound crazy to you, but it can do incredible things for our mind, body and soul. Meditation has been around for centuries and it is a proven life tool that we use to help recharge and refuel.  There have been countless studies done on the positive effects of meditation for both physical and emotional ailments. It’s known to lower blood pressure, help ease insomnia, reduces stress, anxiety, and more.

In our society where a pill or a quick fix is the go-to remedy, this practice is free, does not require a prescription, is painless, and has been proven to work. The word meditation comes from the Latin meditatum meaning ‘to ponder,’ and though we don’t really ponder when we meditate, the intent is to turn off all our thoughts and wipe away all the internal noise our minds get cluttered with. If you are new to it, I know it can sound impossible but with practice and patience, you can do it!


How do you start? It’s easy!

  • Find a comfortable place to sit: on the floor with a pillow, in your bed, outside under a tree – anywhere that you can have a few quiet minutes without interruption or distraction.
  • Once you’ve chosen your spot, sit cross-legged in lotus position. This position helps the body relax and allows you to sit for a long period of time without discomfort.
  • Close your eyes and rest your hands on your knees.
  • Take easy, steady breaths and quiet your mind.
    • A trick is to listen for your heartbeat and concentrate on only that.
    • Your mind will try to infiltrate the quiet with lists of things you need to accomplish and emails you have to return, but fight the urge and return your focus to your heartbeat.
  • Some people like to chant a word or saying over and over. The idea is to push out all other thoughts and clear your mind.

They call this a practice because it takes time to master, so don’t feel badly if it takes you a while to quiet your mind! Start slowly and gift yourself the first ten minutes of your day to meditation. You will see the effects almost immediately, and once you get more comfortable with it, extend it a few more minutes each week. You can practice anywhere – in your car, at the park, on a lunch break or even a few minutes before a meeting begins.


Meditation can bring you great emotional balance and physical relief. And that is certainly worth a try! ☮♥️

8 Responses

  1. Ivy Monteiro

    I believe in Meditation but I need to work with a group on Guided Meditation. I live in Kenmore, Brisbane and if you know of a group I can join, please let me know as I am suffering from deep depression, loneliness and enormous stress.
    Kind regards,

  2. Nicki Wootton

    I am looking forward to trying it out – should be great! Thanks, Nicki

  3. Martha Garvey

    I find it hard to meditate upon waking, because I exercise when I get up. When that’s done, I want breakfast, and that’s how it goes. I would have to find another time during the day.

  4. Patricia Sanchez

    Thank you for including instructions on how to meditate.

  5. Leeann Turner

    Many years ago a natropath taught me how to get quickly into a meditative state; Sit as per prev instructed, close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. Next as you inhale visualise and think “relax my feet, ankles, calves, knees & thighs, breathe out say to yourself 1”. Then do the same visualising your hips, buttocks & pelvis as you take a breath, as you exhale say 2. Repeat this process for your torso; lower back, tummy, upper back, chest & 3. Again thinking of your fingers, palms, wrists, forearms, elbows, upper arms breathe out think 4. Finaly think relax my face, scalp, jaw, eyes, neck & shoulders 5.
    What hapoens if you do it regularly enough, number 5 is like an anchor for emergencies! I have used it to calm myself during an extreme bush fire emergency in 1989. I was trapped in our house. Pannick was getting me, I sat down closed my eyes & visualised “5” and almost instantly I was calm & knew how to conduct myself. It really works.
    If I do this lying down, most times I don’t get past “3” and Im asleep.
    Sorry this is so long a story, but I feel if you follow it, you will get quick results. Happy blissfulness xo

  6. Loretta

    Thank you for the instruction on meditating. I’m giving this a try

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