May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

May Skin Care Awareness MonthDoes May have you thinking that beach weather and bright sunshine are right around the corner? Then it should also remind you that it’s skin cancer awareness month! Skin cancer is the most common cancer, exceeding breast, lung and prostate cancer. It’s also one of the most preventable of cancers – and often easily treatable if caught in the early stages.

Watch for changes in moles, skin blemishes that don’t heal, or any unusual changes in the skin. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the signs of skin cancer. The American Cancer Society recommends that you learn to assess a mole’s ABCDE’s (Asymmetry, Borders, Color, Diameter, Evolving) to determine if it needs to be checked by a professional. Even if you have no concerns, this is a great time to schedule your annual skin check with your Dermatologist, as well as starting a routine of self-check every month. Don’t have a Dermatologist? Then this is a great time to find one!

Of course, the best way to protect yourself from skin cancer is to protect yourself from the damaging rays of the sun. Anyone who has had more than three sunburns in their lifetime is at higher risk for developing skin cancer. Always wear sunscreen that protects from both UVA and UVB rays, and re-apply frequently if you’re sweating or swimming.

Love the beach? Wear a fabulous hat! Wide brimmed hats and cover-ups on the beach can also offer valuable protection. Steer clear of tanning beds altogether – the temporary glow you get isn’t worth the accelerated aging effects – and certainly not worth the regret of skin cancer later!

While the threat of sun exposure and sunburn is more of a concern in the warmer months, make sure you remember to protect your face year round by wearing sunscreen every day. Authentic Skincare’s Recapture 360 + IR Defense Anti-Aging Day Treatment was given the skin cancer foundation’s seal of approval for daily use, providing critical protection from UVA/UVB and Infrared rays.

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