Ingredient Focus: Systenol A, Aquaxyl

Bio Clock Activation SystemChristie Brinkley’s Authentic Skincare contains a revolutionary combination of age-fighting ingredients.  It isn’t something you just apply to your skin to simply moisturize or temporarily improve the skin’s appearance.  Christie worked for years with scientists to create a system of skincare that works to repair, revitalize, and rejuvenate – it contains ingredients that work with your own body chemistry to begin producing younger-looking skin!  Many of these rare and advanced ingredients work beautifully on their own, but in combination, they work together to maximize their beneficial effects. Two key ingredients found in Christie’s Bio-Clock Activation System are Systenol A and Aquaxyl. Let’s have a look at what these key ingredients have to offer!


Systenol A

Systenol A is an ingredient found in most of Christie’s skincare system.  As we age, collagen production begins to slow down.  Slower collagen production leads to a loss of elasticity and skin begins to sag and wrinkle – a critical cause of premature aging.  Systenol A is a plant-based ingredient made from edible seeds from India. This plant extract is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps to boost the production of collagen type I, II and III, refining the skin’s texture and providing smoother, younger-looking skin.  (In a pilot study, Systenol A helped to optimize elasticity and improve the appearance of skin firmness.) It also has the added benefit of supporting the natural hydration of the skin, keeping skin looking soft and supple.  Christie’s Bio-Clock Activation System uses Systenol A in both the day and nighttime routine, giving skin round-the-clock rejuvenation.


Aquaxyl is another natural ingredient and is found in Christie’s RECAPTURE 360 + IR Defense Anti-Aging Day Cream. Aquaxyl is a derivative of two plant sugars – glucose and Xylitol. During the day, skin is more prone to water loss and dehydration. Aquaxyl is a powerful, long-lasting moisturizer, but it also actually increases water retention by improving the skin’s natural ability to retain water.  This helps keep skin dewy, hydrated and supple, improving the texture of the skin over time.

Systenol A and Aquaxyl are just two of the many breakthrough ingredients that help Christie’s Bio-Clock Activation System help you to recapture the radiant, youthful looking skin you remember!


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