Finding the Perfect Dermatologist

Dermatologist checking womanChoosing the right dermatologist is an important decision. Choose the right one and you won’t hesitate to schedule a visit when
you have a concern or to get your skin checked annually. But how do you find a great doctor? Anyone with a medical degree can become a practicing dermatologist, so it’s important to find a doctor who is specially trained in the field of dermatology. To ensure that your doctor is properly qualified, it’s best to find one who is board certified in dermatology. The easiest way to find one in your area is to do a free search on the American Board of Dermatology web site.

Once you’ve found a few board certified doctors in your area, there are web sites that can help narrow down the search to find the best one for you. Doctor ratings and reviews can be found on web sites like or Read reviews carefully and think about what is most important to you. Do you want a doctor who will have a good bedside manner? Or do you care more about certifications and specialties? While it’s easy to be put off by reviews indicating long wait times or difficulty making appointments, sometimes you have to be willing to wait for a doctor that spends extra time with their patient’s concerns or are in greater demand. These web sites also provide additional information about doctors such as special certifications, awards, education, hospital affiliations and accepted insurance.

You might also consider if you would be more comfortable with a male or female doctor. A full skin check will require head to toe examination by your doctor, so think about whether you have a personal preference before choosing a doctor.

What if you’re also interested in anti-aging treatments like laser resurfacing, Botox and wrinkle fillers, or chemical peels? To find out more about specific treatments dermatologists can provide, you can check the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery web site.

Of course, a daily routine using Christie’s Bio-Clock Activation System can help you avoid such interventional measures! When used regularly you can fight the five signs of aging – wrinkles, sogginess, discoloration, age spots and crepiness. Your new doctor may marvel at your youthful glow!



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