Christie Brinkley and the Supermodel Renaissance

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A recent Huffington Post article, titled “The Return Of The Supermodel: Not Just Pretty Faces Any More,” discusses the rebirth of “supermodels” on the beauty and fashion scene.


“The term “supermodel” went full force in the early ‘90s,” the article begins. “And now those pioneering women are enjoying a resurgence as refreshing as this year’s spring fashion looks.”  Among this elite group of supermodels is our very own Christie Brinkley. “Yes, these original ‘supermodels’ are back — and better than ever.”


The piece goes on to name Brinkley as “the most ageless woman on the face of the earth” and it discusses how she “deservedly just launched” the Christie Brinkley Skin Care line.


Brinkley exemplifies how “it gets greater later.”


Read the entire Huffington Post piece.


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