Pillow Cases for Beauty?

Why should you use beauty pillow cases

How does your pillow case affect your skin and the signs of aging?

Have you ever thought about your sheets affecting your skin? Cotton sheets are the norm, but consider using a silk pillowcase for better skin and better sleep!

Silk is tightly woven, and made of smooth fibers. This helps to keep moisture close to the skin. If you’re sleeping on a cotton pillowcase, switching to silk may help your skin feel better hydrated than if you slept on cotton.

Hydrated skin is great, but a silk pillowcase can also help reduce the amount of wrinkles! Think about it – when you get up in the morning, are there creases on your face and neck from where your pillowcase bunched up underneath you during the night? As you get older it may take longer for your skin to bounce back from these wrinkles, so why not start your day off on the right foot by not making your skin work overtime to clear these wrinkles that aren’t even yours! For the ones that are, try our instant wrinkle remover Close Up from Christie Brinkley Skincare.

Watch Christie Brinkley discuss silk pillowcases and other beauty tips on the Today Show

Silk pillowcases are also cool, they don’t absorb heat as well as cotton ones do you so don’t have to toss and turn looking for a cool spot on your pillow this summer.  Bonus – silk pillowcases can also help with bedhead! Basically, silk does not offer the resistance and friction that cotton does, so your hair glides right over it while you move in your sleep.

  1. Eleanor palmer

    I have used satin
    Pillowcases for many years after reading that they are so much kinder to
    Your skin & hair! I have been very happy with them & always take my own pillow when away from home! I am one very happy customer!!!

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