Night-Time Skincare Regimen with the Bio-Clock Activation System

Night Time Skin Care Routine Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare


While there may be more to do in the morning with the Bio-Clock Activation System, the most important steps are actually in the evening!


During the day, your skin is exposed to environmental stressors like pollution in the air, UV rays, cigarette smoke, and more. At night, your body’s natural circadian rhythm works to repair your skin, so it’s important to support your natural repair process with products like Complete Clarity Facial Wash and ReCapture 360 Night Anti-Aging Treatment.


Cleanse and balance by washing your face with Complete Clarity Facial Wash.

Christie’s Tip: “Making sure all my make-up is removed at night before bed is a must for refreshed healthy looking skin in the morning.”


Nighttime offers a higher cell renewal, and the skin is better able to absorb the essential ingredients in skin care products. Christie Brinkley’s Recapture 360 Night Treatment specifically helps support the skin’s natural nighttime repair process with a peptide that is designed to work with the skin’s natural circadian rhythm. This treatment helps to firm, smooth and rejuvenate the look of skin while you sleep. Wake up with skin that looks younger, firmer and newly de­fined.


Christie’s Tip: “It is so important to take advantage of the night time repair cycle and Recapture 360 Night was developed to do just that. I never go to sleep without it.”


Recapture 360 Anti-Aging Night Cream benefits:

  • Helps to hydrate your skin as your skin rests at night
  • Helps to improve skin firmness and elasticity
  • Helps to renew and restore a more youthful look
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles and age spot remover
  • Supports your skin’s natural repair process


Recapture 360 Night Treatment is the second step in Christie’s Evening Regimen, and the last step in the Bio-Clock Activation System. Learn more and order your Christie Brinkley Bio-Clock Activation System at!


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