Goodbye to Plastic Micro Beads in Skin Care

Goodbye Plastic Microbeads

Did you know that some exfoliating skin care product actually contain tiny little plastic beads? These plastic microbeads exfoliate your skin, but they also pollute our lakes and waterways!

These microbeads are generally about the size of a pinhead, which makes them difficult to clean out of our lakes, and some marine life mistake it as food.

A new bill called the “Microbead Free Waters Act” was signed into law by President Obama in December, and bans the sale of products containing plastic microbeads in the United States. Manufacturers have until 2017 to remove them from products like body scrubs and wash, and even toothpaste.

The good news is that Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare does not use plastic microbeads! Our facial exfoliator products like Complete Clarity uses lactic acid beads, which are a natural exfoliator and more eco-friendly. They are fine grade and gentle, and not scratchy like walnut shells can be. Give them a try and let us know what you think!


4 Responses

  1. Arlene Zimmer

    There are better ways to care for our skin than destroying natural treasures!

  2. Wendy Cressman

    I appreciate knowing that that exfoliating product does not use microbeads. Thank you!

  3. Jennifer Parkyn

    It’s great to know that your products already don’t contain microbeads. Good work!

  4. Barbara Lewis

    Thank you for this information regarding the micro beads. I was going to discontinue using the product if the beads were made of plastic. I am very impressed with your product and it’s all natural components.

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