Is your shower hiding germs?

Hidden Germs in the Shower


You clean your shower regularly, but do you really get all the places that dirt, bacteria, fungus, and yeast hide?



These handy exfoliators are great – for a while. They tend to not properly dry in a humid bathroom, which lets bacteria grow in all those nooks and crannies. Recommendation: Clean weekly, toss monthly.



Do you want to get a cut from a device that is full of rust, soap scum, and maybe worse? That’s what you may be risking by storing your razor in the shower. After use, clean it up with alcohol and store belly up. When to toss depends on the razor’s sharpness, but from a hygiene perspective toss after 10 days or 5 shaves.


Shower Curtain

That shower curtain and liner may be a hiding spot for soap scum and germs. Whether it is plastic or fabric, wash them regularly to remove anything that may be hiding in there that can cause infections. Replace it periodically.



We all know to change our towels when they smell, but it’s probably best to change them before then. If you hang your towel on a hook, it may not dry properly and lead to mildew and bacteria.  Let them dry on a bar (or the shower curtain rod), and wash your towels after 3 uses.


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