Are Your Hair Products Hurting Your Skin?

Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare Are Your Hair Products Damaging Skin

When talking about beauty regimens, the focus of your skin care routine is probably your face. However, we all do our hair, and often think little about the use of hairspray, oil treatments, and more. How does your morning hair routine affect your skin?

Any spot where your hair touches your skin may become irritated from not only your hair rubbing there, but also the hair products that you use. Let’s take a look at some common areas to watch.

Forehead Bangs

Bangs may do great things for your facial shape and hairstyle, but they may not be great for your skin. First, the bangs are rubbing on your forehead all day, which can lead to irritation. Second, the products that you use on them (hairspray, gel, etc.) are also rubbing on your skin. Depending on the length of your bangs, these products can get pretty close to your eyes!

Protect your skin as much as possible when using products near your forehead. Try to cover areas with a towel or your hand while you spray.


Hair Coloring

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t get hair dye on your skin, but it’s not just the hair dye that can cause problems. Women with dyed hair tend to use products for color-treated hair, many of which contain added oils and moisturizers to counteract the dryness that color-treating can cause. That’s all well and good for your hair, but it can be bad for your skin when it rubs onto it or washes down. Think about it – you step out in the rain for a minute and your hair care products can start to wash off and onto your skin, particularly on your back, neck, and shoulders.  The added oils can cause clogged pores and irritation.


Allergic Reactions

It is always possible to get an allergic reaction to a new product, so make sure that you test a small bit on your arm or somewhere else inconspicuous to see if you have a reaction, and leave it there for a couple of hours at least. If you do see a reaction, don’t use the product! Signs of an allergic reaction include redness, itching, and red bumps called hives. More serious reactions can cause serious complications and even death. Usually, those reactions are more for food allergies, but it’s better to be safe than sorry! This goes for any new product you are adding to your regimen, whether it is a skin care product or hair care product. You don’t want to find out too late that you are allergic to your new shampoo!


The Importance of Daily Facial Washing

Even if you are not getting breakouts or irritation from your hair care products, you still want to make sure that you remove them from your face by regularly using a facial wash. We recommend washing your face before bed to remove makeup, dirt, and any hair care product from your skin before it starts its nightly repair process (learn more about the nightly repair process and Bio-Clock Activation System).  Our Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare Complete Clarity Facial Wash is designed for daily use. This light foaming gel cleanser is gentle on your skin, yet gives you a strong cleansing action. It will leave your skin looking refreshed and moisturized, and it is gentle for all skin types!




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