Five Winter Time Skin Care Tips

The cold, gusty winds of winter are upon many people living in America.   These winter days can bring uncomfortable dryness to the skin of the face, hands, and feet.


Consider these five tips to help keep your skin healthy during winter:


  1. christie-brinkley-authentic-skin-care-winter-skin-tips_FEATURE-v2Avoid those hot showers. That hot water may feel good, but the intense heat of a hot shower or bath can actually break down the lipid barriers in the skin, which can lead to a loss of moisture.  Use lukewarm water.  If your skin is dry and itchy try a lukewarm bath with oatmeal or baking soda.
  2. Socks and Gloves. The skin on your hands is thinner than on most parts of the body and has fewer oil glands. That means it’s harder to keep your hands moist, especially in cold, dry weather. This can lead to itchiness and cracking. Wear gloves when you go outside; if you need to wear wool to keep your hands warm, slip on a thin cotton glove first, to avoid any irritation the wool might cause.  Avoid wet socks and gloves which can irritate your skin and cause itching, cracking, sores, or even a flare-up of eczema.  At night, dampen your hands and feet, slather on cream, and wear cotton gloves and socks for a few hours or to bed.  According to Dr. Doris Day (an integral member of the scientific advisory team for Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care) gloves and socks will block evaporation and help the cream penetrate more effectively.
  3. Quench Dry Skin. To stay hydrated, the skin pulls moisture out of the air—a problem in cold weather, when humidity plummets. Making matters worse, production of skin’s natural moisturizers dips with age, says Doris Day, MD. What’s more, as skin turnover slows, the dry surface cells have a harder time sloughing off—hence the flakiness
  4. Hook Up those Humidifiers. Central heating systems (as well as space heaters) blast hot dry air throughout our homes and offices. Humidifiers get more moisture in the air, which helps prevent your skin from drying out. Place several small humidifiers throughout your home; they help disperse the moisture more evenly.
  5. Protection from the sun. Winter sun — combined with snow glare — can still damage your skin.  The Christie Brinkley Skin Care line protects against the full spectrum of damaging sun rays and can help you during the winter months.

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