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Christe Brinkley Skin Care Yahoo! Beauty
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Christie Brinkley sat down with Yahoo! Beauty Editor in Chief, Bobbi Brown, recently to discuss her long-standing career, motherhood, life as a vegetarian, Christie’s vices, her latest book, and Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care.

When asked about Christie Brinkley Skin Care, Brinkley discussed the importance of exfoliation and said:

“I had the opportunity to do the skincare line, and we started by really trying to determine what I’ve been doing right all these years. I started by telling them that I exfoliate every single day….The first thing we created was a gentle exfoliator that really protects you from drying out, but also gets rid of the dead skin and old skin cells and preps your skin for the next step, which is the day cream.”

Brinkley also highlighted the SPF and anti-aging components to the Christie Brinkley Skin Care line and said:

“The day cream has SPF and it also has IR [infrared] cream. Over 50% of rays are IR rays. Not all infrared rays are damaging. Some are used for advantageous results, but some cause premature photo-aging. So we have IR protection, which is really new and modern….I also wanted anti-aging ingredients, but where I could continue to be outdoors all the time and not feel like I had surpassed my allotted time in the sun. So we have an award-winning proprietary ingredient called the Bio Copper Complex.”

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  1. ILoveChristieBrinkley

    Such a gorgeous picture, and I love that Christie Brinkley has done so much research before making this skincare line.

  2. Rosalina

    Thanks – I’ve never heard of infrared rays before. I’ll have to look into this!

  3. Sarah Picannio

    I didn’t realize that 50% of rays are IR rays. Good to know!!!!

  4. Mary B.

    Bobbie Brown and Christie Brinkley! What a great combination. Would have loved to have been in that room.

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