The Best Fall 2015 Makeup Trends

Autumn is finally here, you’re using your Christie Brinkley Skin Care products to make sure your skin looks its’ best, and now you want to look beautiful for the fall!

Consider these makeup trends that are hot this autumn:christie-brinkley-skin-care-fall-2015-makeup-trends

  • Red lips: It’s doesn’t sound at all revolutionary, but when it goes away for a few seasons and then makes a comeback – that’s what we needed to get us excited about this makeup bag staple all over again.
  • Dark of berry lips: Not afan of full blown red?   A rich, velvety black plum lip is a huge trend for fall. Shades from neutral cherries to slightly darker bordeaux-stained lips are also hot right now.
  • Dewy skin: Fresh and translucent skin was prominent on all the runway this fall. It’s all about dewy skin, and healthy complexions with a luminous glow
  • Heavy metal: Metallic eyeshadows are making a huge comeback.  Many makeup artists opt for warm bronze tones since it’s flattering on almost every skin tone.
  • Well-defined brows: The days of thin, wispy arches are gone! Fall trends for brows include a fuller brow, with a tapering at the end and a slight arch.

  1. Sarah Picannio

    I love red lipstick! It always puts an extra bounce in my step!!

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