Daily Nighttime Routine


You’ve had a long day at work and you are getting ready for bed. Before you lie down, you should first take care of your face. Why? Well, you’ve been exposed to lots of chemicals and environmental contaminants from work and outside; you need to refresh your face for the night. Here is an essential and fast routine that takes only minutes to do to help your face feel new again.

If you applied makeup during the day, you need to remove all traces of makeup from your face. Look for a cleanser with exfoliating properties to remove your makeup, but only exfoliate your face 2-3 times a week as it can cause redness and dryness if used too often. Get a good nighttime cleanser for the nights where you don’t use the exfoliator. Cleansing your face not only removes makeup but also nourishes your face after a long day at work. You could have been exposed to harmful chemicals and bacteria that can clog pores and produce acne.

After cleansing thoroughly, apply a toner. A toner provides extra cleansing and it can give your skin PH balance. Toners are essential as they provide another layer of protection against the penetration of impurities and can shrink your pores. After washing your skin, you may feel a little dry – toners also bring the moisture back in and refresh your skin.

After the cleanser and toner, you can use your moisturizer. Whether it is a nighttime moisturizer or anti-aging cream, finishing your routine off with a moisturizer can be beneficial for your skin and help prevent it from being too dry and unhealthy. Apply moisturizer on your face and neck –these places are more prone to premature aging so remember to apply a great moisturizer with anti-aging benefits.


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