Cuticle Care Do’s and Don’ts


Many of us have heard about the dangers of cutting our cuticles.  Clipping cuticles may still be a common practice in some salons, but it’s not a good idea. Cuticles are connected to the skin around the nail to the nail plate to protect them from infection and cutting your cuticles can allow germs to enter the area.  It can also allow fungal infections, such as yeast, viruses like herpes or warts, and bacteria including paronychia.   Cutting your cuticles may lead to your cuticles becoming ragged and painful, and can lead to the appearance of white spots or ridges.

So how can you care for your cuticles?  Pushing your cuticles back is just fine. When you get out of the shower, use your own fingernail to push back cuticles on the opposite hand then use a warm washcloth to wipe off any excess skin down towards the knuckle.  You can also push back the cuticles by applying cuticle remover on each nail, wrapping the tip in cotton, and gently pushing the cuticle back to create that perfect ridge.


5 Responses

  1. Toshiko Tiernan

    Thanks for sharing these tips on how to easily take care of the cuticles without cutting them. Good read.

  2. Sarah Picannio

    Thanks for the tips! I didn’t know cutting them could lead to infections. Yuck!!!

  3. Lynnett

    I have been a Manicurist for over 30 years and I have seen a lot of cuticles. I agree with not cutting cuticles but, not every cuticle is the same. I have some clients that have thick cuticles and if not clipped they will split and cause hang nails, bleed and pain. None of my clients have had any infections mentioned in the article.

  4. Karen Southwell

    Thanks for letting me know. I knew about cutting was no good but did not think that it could lead to so many infections in the salon. I had stopped going to a salon for about 4 months because my nails were getting to be so thin.

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