Some Autumn Skin Care Tips!

christie-brinkley-authentic-skin-care-autumnSummertime is a wonderful time.   Summer means vacations, swimming in the pool, trips to the beach, days full of sunshine, and nights full of campfires and star-gazing.  Summer, however, can wreak havoc on your skin! Steamy air temperatures, UV rays, salt water, dry air-conditioned air, bug repellent, pool chemicals, and sun screen can all do a number on your skin. By the last days of summer, you may notice that your skin not only looks dry and dull, but that signs of aging, including lines, wrinkles and dark spots, appear more noticeable than ever.

Come Autumn you’ll want to try and restore balance to your skin.  Here are some skin care tips for the Fall:

  1. Stay warm: Hot steamy baths and/or weekly saunas can warm your body and increase your blood circulation, keeping your body energized and skin cells hydrated.
  1. Follow nature’s lead: With the longer nights, it is wise to follow nature’s lead with increased sleep. The extra sleep helps us regain focus and counteract dehydration.
  1. Adjust your skincare: Our skincare needs to follow suit with more heaviness, hydration and nourishment as it needs to provide more protection against the cold and wind this season. Increasing the weight of your moisturizer at this time of year becomes a vital part in maintaining hydrated skin with a healthy glow.  Supplementing your cream with extra oils can help your complexion stay even-toned and clear of blemishes and redness.  The real secret to beautiful skin in autumn and right through winter is skin hydration.
  1. Follow a routine: Creating more routine in your life will give you more energy in autumn. Design a skincare and daily routine that is customized to your skin’s needs and to your personal preferences. With a clear, easy-to-follow skincare plan, you will have one less thing cluttering up your active mind.


  1. Lucila Judah

    Thanks for the tips. Enough sleep seems very helpful in keeping our body, especially our skin, in good shape. Nice post.

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