Christie Brinkley Skin Care and No Makeup Mondays

christie-brinkley-skincare-no-makeup-monday-featureBody image and self-image are key issues in today’s society and the questions many women are asking themselves are:  ‘Do I really love myself?’ and ‘Do I love the way I look?’  The NoMakeupMonday phenomenon is the perfect way to help girls and women understand that they are beautiful, just the way they are.

Originally started by singer Demi Lovato, this trend has now taken over social media. Many celebrities have already participated in the Instagram trend of #NoMakeupMonday.  While makeup can be so colorful and fun to play with, too many girls and women are at a loss without it. Some women can’t go out to their mailbox without makeup and some girls start wearing makeup at a very young age.  Some would say too young!

Christie Brinkley Skin Care was designed to help women can recapture their youthful appearance while revitalizing and reversing signs of aging and they’re the perfect products to use for those No-Makeup-Mondays.   Visit Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care for more information and remember…..You’re beautiful inside and out!  Love yourself always!

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