Christie Brinkley Skincare: It Works Instantly!

christie brinkley skin care
Source: Makeup Obsessed Mom

The Close Up Wrinkle Reducer by Christie Brinkley Skin Care was recently reviewed by Stacie of Makeup Obsessed Mom. According to Stacie the Close Up Wrinkly Reducer not only reduces wrinkles, but it also has great skin care benefits. With added UVA, BBB, and infrared protection this serum combats all signs of aging skin.

Stacie notes: “You can actually feel the product tightening your skin.” Whether it’s just for everyday use or for a special occasion, Christie Brinkley’s Authentic Skin Care does not disappoint.

Read more of Makeup Obsessed Mom’s review of Christie Brinkley Skin Care: Close Up Wrinkle Reducer and be sure to watch her video about Close-Up.

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