The Copper Craze

People are willing to spend money on just about anything, especially if you tell them it will make them look younger and more beautiful. There seems to be a new miracle anti-aging ingredient every year, each claiming to be what was missing from the market before. Trends come and go, and consumers move on to the next big thing, but one anti-aging ingredient has stood the test of time and trends; copper. Copper peptides are extremely small segments of copper that are small enough to penetrate the skin, and they have been used in healing and cell regeneration for decades. In the 1970’s, a graduate student conducted research that showed copper peptides helped in the healing of wounds. These findings helped lay the groundwork for copper as a premier anti-aging component, based on its obvious ability to aid in cell renewal and healing.

Wrinkles are, in essence, improperly healed aging wounds. This means that copper peptides are able to help those “wounds” heal, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and abrasions on the skin. Copper also increase the productions of elastin and collagen, which strengthen the skin, and give it elasticity. For this reason, copper peptides are often used in the treatment of unsightly scars.  The peptides break down bulky collagen deposits under the skin, and replace them with evenly distributed and normal sized deposits… and baby smooth skin.

The most harmful thing we expose our delicate skin to is the sun. Sun exposure slows down the process of cell rejuvenation, and leaves you at risk for permanent skin discoloration, thickening, premature aging, and cancer. Copper reverses the effects of prolonged sun exposure by aiding in the skin’s cell turnover ability, healing older damage, and protecting the skin from further harm.

christie-brinkley-authentic-skincare-collection-groupCopper peptides also play a significant role in enhancing the function of antioxidants. Antioxidants are useful in reducing and removing harmful free-radicals from the skin, caused by make-up and environmental pollution. When these free-radicals are left on the skin, they can build up, and make it impossible for new skin cells to form, leaving your skin dull and dry. Antioxidants break down this buildup, and allow the natural cell turnover process to take place, giving you that youthful glow you’ve always desired.

Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare recently released a line of vegan skincare products featuring Neodermyl, a potent copper peptide and anti-aging ingredient, on HSN. The line includes a facial exfoliator, a gentle deep cleanser, a night cream, day cream, and an eye + IR defense serum, all aimed at rejuvenating, regenerating, and protecting your skin using copper peptides.

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  1. Brenda Livingston

    I work in Dermatology as a Medical Aesthetic RN. I have been looking for copper peptide skincare.
    I would like to make sure there are no toxic ingredients. Is that something you could address for me?
    Thank You,

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