Christie Brinkley: Queen of Wellbeing

christie-brinkley-authentic-skincare-new-york-magChristie Brinkley visited New York City to promote her new skincare line, Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare. While there, she sat down with NY Magazine’s The Cut, and she spoke about her own wellness practices, her favorite Instagram accounts to follow, and her Latte Art.

In the piece, told to Kathleen Hou by Brinkley, Brinkley stresses the importance of well-being, saying “Every facet of your life contributes to your well-being. My whole day is based on a foundation of gratitude, and that is what sustains, supports, and propels me through my day. I’m always looking for a way to bloom where I’m planted, and to be grateful for wherever I am at any moment of the day.”

She also speaks about the roots of her wellness passion, calling her mother a “health-nut,” and refers to herself as a “flexible vegan,” saying “you know, Italy exists. [Laughs.] Mozzarella and pasta exist. In France, I may have to have a piece of Camembert, you know. Un petit sandwich au fromage.”

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