Christie Brinkley: Beauty Frozen in Time

At 61, Christie Brinkley still rocks a bikini, and confidently poses in lingerie. She credits her ageless skin and figure to healthy eating, regular exercise, positive energy, and most importantly, great skin care!

Her new skincare line, Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare, combines the best anti-aging ingredients to help you achieve Christi’s trademark glow. Ingredients like copper and amino-acids headline the 7-piece collection that is designed to repair skin damaged by the sun and pollutants.

Christie, a Malibu native, recently told Huffington Post that the worst thing she ever did to her skin was expose it to the sun. She said “I can’t stress enough for anybody still lying out that that’s just not good.” Her remedy to all that sun exposure? She

Christie Brinkley with her daughter, Alexa Ray Joel

exfoliates. “When I use my exfoliator, I go from the tip of my forehead, down my neck, décolleté and now I do the top of my hands. I get out of the shower, moisturize right away and use my day cream and a little of the eye serum,” she explained. Brinkley also stresses the importance of removing all makeup before bed; she uses coconut oil to get any leftover remnants of make-up off, before cleansing and layering on her night cream.

As much as she sticks to her routine and her Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare products, Christie admits that there are some things that cannot be avoided. She says “I have crow’s feet as good as my cream is. That’s natural and it’s not something to be ashamed of. And I don’t want people to feel like they have to be ashamed. I want people to know that they can minimize that or whatever is bothering them and put their best face forward. But the best face forward includes crow’s feet. It shows a life well lived.”

This is why it was incredibly important for the images used for Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare to be natural, and untouched. She wanted the women, including herself, to look as real as possible. She added, “I know that there is retouching. I’ve had a million of my photos retouched. We don’t want the end result of a woman to be she feels bad about herself because she’s comparing herself to some unattainable perfection. I always want women to feel better about themselves.”

We couldn’t agree more, Christie!


  1. Yasmine

    Christie Brinkley certainly does look like she’s frozen in time. I’m so glad that she’s now got her own skin care line so that the rest of us can have a chance at aging beautifully like her.

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