How Your Lifestyle Affects Your Skin

Let’s talk about diet, exercise and your lifestyle… You are probably thinking ‘What does diet, exercise and lifestyle have to do with skin care?’ It actually has a LOT to do with it. When it comes to exercise, many people tend to focus only on the cardiovascular aspects of fitness and how it is good for your body and organs. However, one thing they never seem to bring up is how exercise, the proper nutritional foods, and your daily lifestyle can and will affect your skin. Here are a few ways that incorporating diet and exercise can improve your skin tremendously.

IMPROVES CIRCULATION: Have you ever worked out and noticed after your workout that your skin is looking a little flush? Well if you have, then you probably also noticed that your skin has a nice sheeny glow to it- and no we are not talking about sweaty. Exercise helps improve your blood circulation which in turn helps promote healthy overall circulation, improve the oxygen and nutrients that your blood cells are getting all while finding a way to help your skin literally glow. Exercise also helps the body draw out all the toxins which in return helps correct hormonal imbalances that can be a contributing factor in things like acne.

REDUCES STRESS: Exercise has been medically shown to help reduce stress. Stress is not only the number one component to rapidly speed up aging and increase fine lines and wrinkles, but it also speeds up the skin’s natural sebum causing skin to look oily and eventually clogged leading to multiple skin irritations such as: blackheads and cystic acne.

IMPROVES YOUR MOOD: Exercise not only helps reduce stress, slow down aging but it helps you improve your mood. Exercise christie-brinkley-authentic-skincare-lifestyle-affects-skinhelps the body release mood boosting brain chemicals, which in return can help fight off things like fatigue, acne and premature aging. Besides a good mood can literally brighten up your skin and your day!

EATING THE RIGHT FOODS CAN HELP YOU STAY WRINKLE FREE: Diet not only helps you stay lean and trim, but it can also help reduce the rate that your skin starts to feel Father Time. Wrinkle reducing and fighting antioxidants in specific fruits and vegetables, as well as hydrating healthy fats like olive oil, can all help ensure your skin will stay youthful longer.

YOUR SKIN IS WHAT YOU EAT: This is one thing that most people don’t tend to think about. Skin aging is a HUGE result of lifestyle abuse over time- you know the ones: smoking, too much sun, stress, irregular sleep. ALL of these over time can contribute to the skin rapidly aging. Adding items into your daily diet like: berries, omega 3’s, nuts, leafy vegetables, legumes and healthy fat oils can help add an extreme value to your skin and the condition it is in. Incorporating these foods into your daily intake can help increase the skin’s cellular turnover and boost collagen production to help the skin stay tight and firm.

So put down the sugar and pick up some anti-inflammatory, antioxidant filled berries. Start powerwalking yourself into healthy skin! You know what they say: your skin is a reflection of your overall health.

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