Christie Brinkley Authentic Skin Care on Trend

Dana Wood of The Robin Report wrote “Vegan is the New Black”, a feature piece discussing the growing “mainstreamization” of vegan and cruelty free products, using the Christie Brinkley Skincare line as an example.

christie-brinkley-skincare-robin-reportLike many celebrities, Christie Brinkley recently took the leap into cosmetics. Her brand, Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare, reflects her personal lifestyle as vegan and cruelty free. Brinkley has been an outspoken vegetarian for many decades, as well as a wildlife and anti-poaching advocate. With these causes being so close to her heart, she made sure that her eight-SKU line follows those principles.

Ten years ago, the idea of creating an animal free line would have been considered a large risk.  Brinkley’s anti-aging product may have done well on that claim alone, but that is only a small piece of the draw the product has today. Brinkley is able to sell the line using the vegan and cruelty free platform, one that has become more prevalent in the last 5 years.

The trend towards products like Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare and their animal-friendly ingredients can be attributed to the fact that consumes care more. This is not true with every consumer or every product… but can be said for the population as a whole. Buying trends are starting to show an obvious move towards “responsible” goods; vegan, fair trade, and sustainable products are all experiencing growth right now.

“There’s a huge rise in the offerings of products across the board that meet a specific set of criteria to be labeled ‘vegan,’” says Joshua Katcher, a proponent of animal rights and a vegan entrepreneur. Katcher says that this trend is evident in every sector, and even on Google; “Simply viewing the analytics of people Googling the word ‘vegan’ over the last several years is very eye-opening.”

Brands that are no necessarily known for being vegan are starting to get in on the trend. If you search for the term “vegan” on, an international beauty retailer, you will find more than 145 results. As the demand for these types of products grows, companies are embracing the trend, and producing more options for the marketplace. Many believe that this trend will stick.  Ron Robinson, cosmetic chemist and founder of says “When you’re expecting it to deliver benefits against improving the skin or treating the hair, that’s when you’ll see less pressure and concern about whether a product is vegan.

Some consider it a risk to alter a formula to make it animal free, but lines like Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare believe the benefits outweigh those risks, and will continue to follow the vegan-train.

  1. Debra Moody

    Vegan, cruelty free was the main reason I chose this product to try. Thank you for your commitment Christie.

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