Christie Brinkley Says Cindy Crawford is “Perfect”

Christie Brinkley is often asked what the secret to her timeless beauty is at the age of 61, and her answer may surprise you. She says “A lot of the fact that I’m getting compliments…is that I’m sitting here right now under flattering light, professional hair, makeup [and] professional lighting.” The model also notes she has been vegan for several decades, and attributes much of her looks to her active lifestyle.

christie-brinkley-authentic-skincare-access-hollywood-02In an interview on the entertainment news show Access Hollywood, Christie was asked about fellow model Cindy Crawford, and the pictures that recently “leaked” of her that were supposedly untouched originals; she responded “There’s nothing wrong with that picture except for the fact that that’s not what she looks like… I saw Cindy Crawford naked. It wasn’t even a year ago. We shared a dressing room and I turned to get something and she was dressing and she was perfect. I mean, the girl was flawless, perfect.”

Recently, Brinkley posed alongside other ageless beauties Brook Shields, Stephanie Seymour, Veronica Webb, and Elaine Erwin as part of a campaign for Barney’s New York. The photo-shoot staged the women interacting with younger men, which Christie really enjoyed, saying “I really love the message. It’s called the Better Than Ever campaign and it’s saying to women with more experience that you’re relevant. We care about you. You don’t have a shelf life. You’re not gonna become invisible, ignored. It’s inclusive. It’s expanding beauty,” Brinkley continued, “America’s a very ageist country. I think that a lot of women have grown up with a lot of ideas about what the rules are for aging and that they used to have very strict laws.”

On top of the recent Barney’s campaign, Christie launches her skincare line, Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare, on March 5th.  “People are telling me all the time that they are so happy with the results,” says Brinkley, “and nothing makes me happier.”

Access Hollywood reporter, Shaun Robinson, says “she certainly has a winner of her hands” with the Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare line.

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