Instant Smoothing with Christie Brinkley’s Close Up Wrinkle Reducer

Sheila Arkee is a beauty writer, a makeup artist, and the owner of Painted Ladies.  In a recent article on her blog, Arkee expresses her love and appreciation for Christie Brinkley. “Supermodel Christie Brinkley is making her 60’s look fabulous,” she says.  “[S]he is my inspiration for aging. Besides looking amazing, she has a radiant smile in every photo I’ve ever seen. I’m sure that a positive attitude is part of the reason she looks so great, and it doesn’t hurt to have fantastic skincare at your disposal.”

Christie Brinkley CLOSE UP Instant Wrinkle Reducer & Treatment 4
Source: Painted Ladies


Arkee goes on to review and discuss one of the products from the Christie Brinkley Skin Care line:  Christie Brinkley Skin Care: Close Up Instant Wrinkle Reducer & Treatment.   She states she has been looking for ways to improve her forehead and she applied Christie’s Closeup to her forehead area.  What where the results?

“[T]he Christie Brinkley CLOSE UP Instant Wrinkle Reducer & Treatment does smooth out my forehead and is a nice primer for makeup,” says Arkee,“…there is definitely an instant smoothing.”


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