The Perfect Sunless Tan

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Everyone wants that summer glow without the damage that can follow. Tanning salons and the sun itself can pose a danger to your skin, but self-tanners can look streaky and artificial. Here are our tips for making a sunless tan … Continued

Feminine Facial Hair

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  It happens to millions of women as they age, but it’s hardly ever talked about: feminine facial hair. Whether it’s your mustache or in random patches, unwanted facial hair is more common than one may think. Despite what heavily … Continued

Truth to LED Light Beds

  It’s the technology that’s been trusted by NASA to stimulate the growth of cells for decades–LED light therapy. For dermatological use, it is thought that the high-energy red and infrared beams penetrate skin and to improve circulation and collagen … Continued

Tea Tree Oil

  Essential oils have a multitude of uses that many swear by to alleviate aches and pains. One oil that seems to be a cure-all is Tea Tree Oil. This essential oil appears on countless natural remedy recipes, and has … Continued

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